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Sacred Heart Parish

Mass Schedule

Saturday – 7PM

Sunday – 11AM

Tuesday – 4PM

Wednesday – 9AM

Friday – 9AM (except First Fridays – 7PM)


Saturday – 11AM – Noon

First Fridays – 5:45PM – 6:45PM

Or by appointment.

1 year ago

Advent Reconciliation Service
Dec 6 at St Anthony's Bloomfield at 7 PM
Dec 13 at St Simon & St June Tignish at 7 PM
Dec 15 at Immaculate Conception Palmer Road at 7 PM
Dec 20 at Sacred Heart Alberton ... See more

1 year ago

Confirmation Class Sunday Dec 4 at 6 PM at St Anthony's Hall

1 year ago

Adult Formation Class at St. Anthony's this evening, December 1st is cancelled due to the weather. Please pass the word.

1 year ago

Marriage Encounter Weekend
April 7 - 9, 2017
Our Lady of Hope Retreat Centre

• A Marriage Encounter weekend is an enriching and personal experience where you can spend time together, away from ... See more

1 year ago

Best Advent Ever - Week by Week Videos to help prepare ourselves for Christmas

Have you ever had a Christmas where you felt like you were really prepared?
Have you ever had a Christmas where you walked into Christmas Mass and you felt focused and peaceful and ready?
We prepare ... See more

1 year ago

Confirmation Sunday November 27 at 6 PM at St Anthony's Hall

1 year ago

Homily 1st Sunday of Advent Bishop Robert Barron

This week we enter into the great season of Advent. Our first reading from the prophet Isaiah describes how every nation streams towards God's holy mountain. As you enter the Advent season, think ... See more

1 year ago

Story of Mercy

As the Year of Mercy comes to a close, we're sharing one of our #MercyStories every day this week! Let Jennifer's incredible journey inspire you on this #MotivationMonday!

1 year ago

Why does God let bad things happen?

How can God be good, but allow bad things to happen? Fr. Mike Schmitz tackles one of the toughest questions religious believers must answer

1 year ago

Teen Encounter Registration

To apply for Teen Encounter you must be at least sixteen (16) years old. A fee of $60 is suggested to cover the cost of food, accomodations, etc. Those unable to afford this fee will be asked only …

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