Sacred Heart Parish

Mass Schedule

Saturday – 7PM

Sunday – 11AM

Tuesday – 4PM

Wednesday – 9AM

Friday – 9AM (except First Fridays – 7PM)


Saturday – 11AM – Noon

First Fridays – 5:45PM – 6:45PM

Or by appointment.

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9 months ago

Lizzie Reezay: Recent Convert, YouTube Star Talks Church Fathers and Evangelization

9 months ago

One of the talks I present when I am conducting a parish mission is “The Attack of the Isms” and portray them as an alien attack on rational earthlings. I discuss twelve different forms of ... See more

9 months ago

Retreat for girls

Exciting news...Registration is open! The link below will bring you to the registration form. All girls ages 10-15 are welcome to register! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send an ... See more

9 months ago


Connolly Estate Bursaries are now available to qualifying university students in their first, second, third or fourth year. In addition, college students who are completing a joint program/degree may ... See more

10 months ago

Online Registration is now available for our Shipwrecked Summer Day Camp! This free camp is for children entering grades 1-6 and takes place the week of August 20th-24th. Kids will have their best ... See more

10 months ago

Non-Catholics often feel excluded and shamed by not being able to receive Communion at Mass. Father Mike gives a reasonable (and charitable) explanation as to why this isn't a bad thing.

10 months ago

The Sexual Revolution has failed...

Schedule a screening at a theater near you!
#humanaevitae #hv50 #theologyofthebody #sexualrevolution

10 months ago

Cannibal Catholics?

10 months ago

Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus - Gospel John 19:31-37

One soldier thrust his lance into his side, and immediately blood and water flowed out.

Since it was preparation day, in order ... See more

10 months ago

Rhythm and Grace – Celtic Gospel Tour
Join us on Friday July 6 at St. Anthony’s Parish Hall for a dynamic, musical, Faith-filled experience with Rhythm and Grace – the Duketow family from ... See more

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